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The Virtual Assistant Solution - Your Ticket To Virtual Freedom. Sometimes you just need help! We can be that on-call, as-needed assistant you are looking for. We perform admin services, networking setup, PC replacement, whole-office setups, support services, on-site tech help, marketing services, professional photography and more -- all to let you get back to what you do best - being the rainmaker.

Some of our professional services include: web design, graphic design, email monitoring, client care, phone call routing, telemarketing, blog ghost writing, social media management, ad submissions, digital filing, data entry, contract documentation preparation, online review management, transcription, appointment preparation, print design, calendar scheduling, ransaction management, PC setup, PC replacement, desktop support, tech support, networking, servers, switches, routers, telephone, installation, setup, maintenance & repair, and on-site assistance. We are here exactly when you need us - no more worrying about having to hire and employ full or part time information technology help - we are always just a call or click away! We specialize in handling sensitive and private information, and our clientelle include government and civic organizations as well as corporations and small businesses.

Here at Targeting Pro Technologies, we are dedicated to all aspects of information technology. It isn't just a job - we have a true passion for what we do, coupled with the integrity & honor that comes with small business ownership. We are looking to provide the help and confidence organizations need without having to employ a full-time IT staff with our wide range of unique services. Everything from cybersecurity assessment, installing hardware and software, CRM setups, PC setup and replacement, desktop support, and our custom marketing division, we are dedicated to serve you exactly when you need us. On-call and on-demand will give you the confidence of your tech install with the support you need to keep your operations running.

Our marketing division is not just putting out attractive websites but functional websites that are also attractive to search engines. Beautiful website appeal to users, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) appeals to search engines. We have spent years studying SEO, review updates and changes with the major search engines, and can either tweak your existing website to perofrm better or build you an organic web machine from scratch! We don't just crunch your information into search bots, or link farm your pages to death (which actually harm your search engine ranking) - we get down into the nuts and bolts of your website to the behind-the-scenes code that search bots love to crawl. We research your area and place relevant, quality content onto your professional website pages that you own and are in control of - not just link you out to a website that we host and get credit for the hits. (We sincerely hope this doesn't sound familiar!) We perform all of our social media management in-house and do not "farm out" your social media to overseas companies or "social push communities" with dozens of fake profiles and fake "likes" on your social pages, we create a comprehensive marketing strategy with compelling content to gain ORGANIC search interest in your products and services. We want you to have your fans and keep them, too! (With proven results of up to a 600% increase in organic Google traffic for a single website within a year's time using our tried and true white-hat SEO methods.) Coupling your website with branding and name-recognition strategies, we apply the same look and feel throughout your graphic designs, print designs, social landing pages, microsites, blog, and Email campaigns. This provides a strong web of marketing that support one another and funnel traffic down to your lead forms and convert contacts to sales.

With the economy in its current state and business people everywhere trying to keep the office running, you may not have the time to dedicate to building your operations from the ground up...again. You may have a computer down and want to see if it is fixable instead of investing in another technology purchase. You need scalable help in areas you don't have time to dedicate getting an IT degree in to manage -- Let us help you do what you do best - run your business. When it is all said and done, your office runs efficiently, search engines are happy, Google is happy, employees are connected, your office is supported, clients are cared for, and you can get working on that income pipeline. With our tech support and marketing consulting you can increase traffic, increase conversion rates, and increase sales with proven results. Let us help you setup your office technologies and wow the world with fresh and innovative marketing ideas using today's technology. We are proud to be your source for a Professional Marketing Consultant, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist and Virtual Assistant.

You no longer have to know the ins and outs and the dynamics of your technoogy hardware, setup, search engine ranking, website enhancements or spend time to create well-written content. Let us take care of the tech magic and allow you to get back to business!


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Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Internet Marketing Business Solutions
    Focus On Business Results

    It is not just a guessing game anymore - proven website enhancements have proven results. We take the mystery out of your site & let you get back to work. Business Solutions

  • Internet Marketing Assistant
    Full Range Of Capabilities

    Make sure your business is supported - having the proper network, cybersecurity, server, router, and PC setup is crucial for running efficiently. Let us help! . Targeting Pro Assistance

  • Professional Internet Marketing Services
    Reputation For
    Operational Excellence

    We know your time is valuable, and confidentiality is top priority when it comes to your tech & marketing strategy. We make it our business that your secrets stay that way: Yours. Professional Tech & Marketing Services

  • Global Internet Marketing Specialist
    Global Reach And Insight

    Let's face it - the more information on your website, the more likely it is for people to find you. Don't just be a business... be a Power Business and take a step ahead of your competition today. Business Marketing Results

Call Now: 352-553-8739

WeBoost Certified Installer and Reseller

Tech & Marketing Consulting

Call Now: 352-553-8739

Internet Marketing Specialist


  • Personalized Internet Marketing Consultation

    Personalized Consultation Let us help you find your online focus and channel clients to your doorstep.

  • Web Designer and HTML Expert

    You Don't Have To Be A Web Expert You can get back to business in this tight market, let us handle the tech end for you.

  • Personal Professional Confidential Business Consulting

    Personal, Professional & Confidential Your business is our business, your trade secrets and information are kept just as that - confidentiality is key.

  • Internet Marketing Program Specialist

    Specific Program Specialization Proficient in many popular online programs such as Customer Relationship Databases, Web Template Software, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, and so much more...

  • Internet Marketing Customer Support

    Continued Support We have packages bundles and repeat customer specials for future development and client care.

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