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Christine & Mark Barber - Targeting Pro Marketing Owners, Consultants, Designers, and Photographers. The internet is in a constant state of change - and you have to keep up with a lot to be successful marketing and advertising yourself in it. If you can't stay at the top of your game, you can easily find yourself falling from grace... and marketing isn't just what we're trained to do, it is what we LOVE to do - with a sincere passion for marketing and helping others build their businesses. Mark is an avid boating enthusiast, cyber security expert, drone photographer, hardware specialist, and enjoys wood working as his favorite hobby. Christine is a breast cancer survivor, animal advocate, marketing specialist, and all around IT geek. Mark specializes in computer network, pc setup, cybersecurity, drone photography, video editing and hardware expert with a love of boating and wood working.

Internet Marketing Outdating Example: Just because one reads a book five years ago on Search Engine Optimization doesn't make them an SEO expert - search engine algorithms change constantly and you have to stay up on the latest information and updates to be able to stay on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. We never stop reviewing and researching the latest trends and press releases for many aspects of online marketing to be an expert in our field.

Backed Internet Technology & Marketing Knowledge: A lot of people claim to be internet marketing specialists, to know details about web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Targeting Pro Marketing is backed by an Associate's Degree of Sicence in Information Technology with emphasis on Software & Hardware and a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Information Technology with emphasis on Visual Communications with ongoing study in Information Technology Security & Cyber Security. Having a combined 40+ years of direct and corporate experience in internet marketing and being able to show examples of our work along with customer reviews speaks volumes. We help companies by helping to develop a consistent and coherent marketing plan that includes all aspects of the marketing spectrum. We can offer advice on an over-all umbprella marketing plan, or targeted consulting on web design, graphic design, print design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, signage design, content development, blog content creation, photography, drone photos/videos, and more. We offer quality marketing knowledge backed by an intricate understanding of information technology coupled with cyber security to keep you, your company, your employees, and your clients safe.

Internet Marketing Experience: With 30 years+ experience with web design, photography, internet consulting, print design, graphic design, and unique content creation, we take care of the tech work while you tend to business. We offer many different marketing packages and custom content elements so that your website and social media stand as a professional mark to the world wide web. Find out more information about our Services and how we can customize them to fit exactly what you need - when you need it. Need a custom quote? Please contact us and let us know exactly what your marketing needs are so we can help you on your way to success.

Market Area Specialization. First, we research the business market in your area and industry. After we thoroughly gather information on exactly what you have existing and what you need to stay competitive, we then consult with you about your market focus and intent for clients to make a completely customized marketing plan that lays out exactly which direction you want to head in with your website, social media and search engine optimization. We also review your current systems in place and ensure that your business network, server, PC's and setup can handle the type of work you are looking to do. Your Unique Consulting Package is completely private and confidential, in no way do we share marketing secrets with other clients or publicists.

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Your written content is yours to keep. Tech for hire, the content that is specifically written for your website is yours to brand and keep (that's right, you own it and it sits on your own websites - none of that bait and switch remote satellite websites where your paid content is held hostage). The entire web will be able to see your true potential and you will be able to utilize niche marketing that will make you stand out above the crowd. Remember - it doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, what matters is that you market what you do in a a unique way. Now that is a paycheck you can rely on. More cost effective than the uncertaintly of hiring office staff you can use our services as you need us, either full time, per project contract or hourly with no long-term commitment. Want a cheaper rate? Ask us about our contracted fees. Cut the overhead and the long-term investment and go with a trusted internet marketing expert.

  • Unique Custom Service - Targeting Pro

    Unique Service Custom For You Take your website and business to the next level. Not only will we rev up your website, you will update your branding and kick-start your social media.

  • Confidentiality - Targeting Pro Consulting

    Confidentiality All consultations and work are done professionally and privately - your business is ours.

  • On-Call Work Service - Targeting Pro Web Graphic Design

    Our Work Is On-Call You don't have to hire full-time office or support staff to get fantastic technical advice & results. Let us be your go-to tech to service all of your business needs! We support hardware and software, and not only help you get up and running, but staying that way, as well. No job too big or small!

  • Starving Market - Targeting Pro

    Business Maintenance & Support Make sure your business has the proper network, severs, printers, scanners, and PC setups to complete your business processes properly. We can help support your current & future systems.

  • Social Media - Targeting Pro

    Social Media Buzz... Oh its more than just a buzz - and we know all about it! Let us help you navigate the torrent and sometimes confusing social media marketing place.

  • Web Design Budget - Targeting Pro Marketing

    Tight Budget? No problem! Whether you need a complete overhaul or just a single page of content, we can do work in phases to accomodate any budget.

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Internet Marketing Specialist

  • Marketing - Hottest Entity On The Web - Targeting Pro

    Be The Hottest Entity On The Web We take the guesswork out of website success and turn your site into a raging lead machine.

  • No More Internet Marketing Headaches - Targeting Pro

    No More Headaches You don't have to be web expert to have a successful website, let us show you how.

  • Social Media Marketing Specialist and Expert - Targeting Pro

    Social Media Specialist We don't just write content or design graphics, we offer complete web support and shadow-writing for all of your social media outlets.

  • More Website Traffic Visitors Online Sales - Targeting Pro Marketing

    More Web Traffic, More Web Sales Quality work goes beyond number games - find your target and hit the bullseye every time.

  • More Website Traffic Visitors Online Sales - Targeting Pro Marketing

    Computer Diagnostics & Repair If something in your technology department goes awry, it doesn't mean you have to spend the money on a replacement, we can assess the issue and offer a cost-effective repair.

  • Internet Marketing - Repeat Customer Discounts - Targeting Pro

    Repeat Customer DiscountsOnce a client, always a client. Repeat and referral discounts offered to our loyal customers.

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“Targeting Pro has a 'can do' professional attitude, and is right on target. They are ever expanding their knowledge to keep up with today's marketing and technology, especially for real estate. Targeting Pro is exceptional with Top Producer, quick to get a job done and delightful to work with as a virtual assistant. Glad to have her in the ePro Advisory network.” July 9, 2010

Agi Anderson, ePro Advisor

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