CyberSecurity Services

CyberSecurity - Cyber Crimes, Cyber Theft, Hacking, Data Loss

  • CyberSecurity - You worked hard to build your business, take action to protect it
  • Cyber Theft - Digital theft is at an all-time high, let us help you protect your data
  • Customer Data - Compromising your customer data may cause the loss of business or company entirely
  • Cyber Crime - Don't leave an open door for hackers or ransomware to attack your organization


Cyber crimes should be a concern for every business - a lot of small business owners do not believe they are a viable target for hackers, but the truth is they are PRIME targets for cyber crime. Large fortune 500 companies often have a lot of security and back-ups in place, where as the small business owner does not. If hit with a cyber crime where your data is lost of stolen, you may not be able to recover as easily and may feel compelled to pay ransom fees to cyber hackers - making you a more attractive target than larger companies. Targeting Pro offers professional CyberSecurity services and Risk Management to assess your current IT setup and data storage and assist you in securing your digital assets.

Cyber theft may not always occur from a hacker without a face, sometimes damage can be done by employees - either intentionally or unintentionally. Having proper network permissions, password setups, security models, and business protocols will help keep your information safe. Many times innocent employees have downloaded and installed viruses or malware onto their computer, sometimes infecting the entire network - all to be found out too late to recover. Any hit to a small business' IT can be devastating. We help you set up proper business standard operating procedures (SOP's), restrict access to employees who are able to only reach areas they are intended to interact with, and to set strong passwords and replacement password schedules. Targeting Pro will guide you through the entire security process.

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