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Not all organizations have the luxury of a full-time IT employee on staff. With Targeting Pro Technologies, we are your on-call, as-needed IT support techs. We offer services in IT Support, Networking, PC Procurement, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, PC/Laptop Support, Telecommunications, setup, installation, and maintenance of IT systems. We are your affordable IT solution.

Computer Repair and Support Services

On-call expertise to empower your business. IT options frustrating you? Buy with confidence through Targeting Pro Technologies. We offer professional consulting so you can buy with confidence. We will help guide you to the proper setups to get you exactly what you need without leaving you underpowered.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Better secure than sorry! We offer risk management consulting services including risk analysis and risk management. Do not believe because you are a small business that hackers will not target you - you are a prime target for a dubious individual who is seeking easy targets. We will help you navigate through information security, risk mitigation, asses your current status and offer protective measures to keep your data safe.


Smart solutions that keep you connected. Targeting Pro Technologies can assist you with your full networking setup and management, including internet access, data access, server setups, switches, proper cabling, and tying into desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. We offer effective communication, seek to reduce your costs, increase productivity, all while keeping you secure.

Telecommunications, Voice Over IP (VOIP), and Fax

We know your business line is your lifeline. We can assist with telephone line installation, fax line installation, network/internet installation, and getting your equipment up and running.

IT Planner

Need help sorting everything out? We are here to help - let us help walk you through the details in the most affordable, and safest way. Download our completely free IT Planner to help get you started.

PC Support

You no longer have to struggle with installing software and hardware on your PC - simply call us and we will have you up and running in no time.

If you need help with your PC procurement, we offer consulting services to ensure you purchase exactly what you need.

IT PC Support Information Technology Help Setup Installation

Setup And Support For

  • Desktop Computers / PC
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Devices
  • Wireless / Bluetooth Devices
IT Equipment Support Tech Help Repair Install Setup

HOW SECURE IS YOUR NETWORK? - There are two types of companies, those who have been hacked, and those that will be. A common misconception with IT Security is that small businesses believe they couldn't possibly be a victim of cyber attacks. That is why small businesses are prime targets for hackers - it helps make their work easier. You have the most to lose if all of your data were compromised. Cybersecurity is preparing for what's next - not what happened last. Allow our professional consulting team to come in for risk assessment, analysis, remediation, mitigation, and help you protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Cybersecrity Services Network Protection Hacking Hackers

Information Security

How secure is your data? Do you have a current backup plan? Does that plan include not just hacking attacks, but things such as natural disasters? We can help you navigate the waters of keeping your information safe, secure, and appropriately duplicated and secured.

Security Investment

You are at the point you realize you need a security plan - but you're not exactly sure which way to turn next. We can assist as consultants to purchase compatible systems that will integrate with your current IT setup.

Risk Mitigation

Take a good hard look at your home and business - what do you risk to lose if you are the victim of a cyber attack? How often are you backing up your data? What are the easiest measures you can take to reduce your risk while online to keep you, your family, and your business safe? The first step to any CyberSecurity plan is to make efforts to reduce your risk when it comes to your informatin security - we can help.

IT Planner

Cybersecurity is a crucial part of any IT business plan - to help get you started, we put together this free IT Planner. Paired with our no-risk consultation we can assist you in getting well on your way to a fast, secure network and computer system setup while mitigating risks and protecting your data.

Get Connected - Stay Connected

Like neurons in a brain, our network allows us to stay connected - not just our devices such as our computers, printers, fax machines, and mobile devices... but our people. If you want to go fast, go alone - if you want to go far, go together. Keeping your team connected will boost productivity and the power of your business.

We offer smart solutions to help you stay connected.

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IT Networking Services

  • Consulting
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Software Purchasing
  • Network Installation and Setup
  • Network Support
IT Networking Services Information Technology Tech Help Purchasing Installation Repair Update

Your telecommunications are your lifeline - we help you stay up and running. We can assist with your phone lines, fax lines, telecom systems, internet, cabling, network, wifi, bluetooth, transmitters and more.

Telecommunication Services Phone Fax Internet Wifi Installation

Data Source

The originating point of information into or out of your network.



The device in your network is an electronic device which produces radio waves with an antenna.


Transmission Medium

Communications that is in the form of electromagnetic waves. In guided transmission media these waves are guided along a physical path such as phone lines, twisted pair cables, coaxial cables and optical fiber (fiber optics).



Also known as the audience or decoder. This is the listener, reader, or observer of a telecommunication transmission. Want to know which one to purchase for your home of business? Contact Targeting Pro Technologies for a FREE consultation.

FREE IT Planner Business Marketing Guide Targeting Pro Technologies

IT Planner

Do you have a Technology Plan that integrates with your overall Business Plan? Technology doesn't have to be intimidating - with our on-call IT Support Services, you no longer need to have a fulltime IT employee on staff when you need to consult an expert or perform IT maintenance. Power to the people, it's free.

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FREE IT Planner Business Marketing Guide Targeting Pro Technologies

Business Planner

Your Marketing & IT are both parts of your overall Business plan. Do you know what direction you're heading in with your organization? Click here to download Targeting Pro Tech's absolutely free Business Planner to help get you organized and headed in the right direction.

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FREE IT Planner Business Marketing Guide Targeting Pro Technologies

Marketing Planner

So you're ready to rock and roll with your marketing campaign - perfect! Click here to download Targeting Pro Technology's comprehensive Marketing Planner to help you on your way. It's free, and it's yours.

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FREE IT Planner Business Marketing Guide Targeting Pro Technologies

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