Are You On Target With Your Marketing?

Marketing isn't magic, it's a science.

Marketing Is Sharing Your Passion For What You Do

Focus on the problem your business solves for your customer or clientele - your advertising should always reflect this. Understanding your audience and then carefully crafting a message that resonates with that audience is key in successful marketing campaigns. The competition is in grabbing the attention of your audience. In telling your story, you are allowing the reader to recognize you as an expert in your industry. Creating good content is stoking the fire, take it to the next level by adding social media marketing, it's like adding gasoline. Content builds relationships, relationships build trust, trust drives revenue. Share your passion - and love what you do, this will reflect in your tone and your customers will appreciate not only are you good at what you do, you sincerely enjoy doing it.

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Web and Internet Marketing Services

Custom web design, coupled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), compelling graphic design, and intelligent content development will to not only give you a platform and centralized hub to launch your marketing campaigns from, but to offer informational-rich text and image content to satisfy the most hungry of search engines.

We not only know how to get you found, but reinforce you as an expert in your particular industry.

Graphic and Print Marketing

So simple, so effective... Offering creative designs that invoke interest - get your brand noticed!
Use progressional graphics to rise above the chatter...

Are You Ready To Dominate Social Media?

Social media is not just bombarding the public with advertising - a common trap businesses fall into. Social media is about the stories we tell, and trying to convey how we can help the customer.

Create Your Story

We help you create your vision for your business - using professional photography to showcase your brand. A picture really is worth a 1,000 words when it comes to conveying your message!

Putting Your Marketing Plan To Work

A comprehensive marketing plan is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Your marketing strategy should include a mission statement, financial summary, marketing audit, SWOT analysis, objectives, strategies, projected results, measurable results, and analysis. Marketing isn't just something we do - it is our passion. We know by helping you be successful, we will be successful.

Come Up For Air: The Virtual Assistant Solution

Sometimes you just need an assistant! We can be that oncall, as-needed help you are looking for. We perform IT Support, Admin Services, Email Management, Client Care, Phone Calls, Ad Creation/Management, Digital Filing, Transaction Care, Documentation/Content Creation, User Manual/Instructional Design, etc. We are here exactly when you need us - no more worrying about having to hire full or part time help - we are always just a call or click away!

Marketing Services:


Search Engine Optimization - Get found, get noticed, and most importantly... build your brand.

We don't just design tags and keywords and keyword phrases for your business, we design content for people interacting with your business.


Search Engine Marketing - Ranking high in searches is no longer options, it's critical.

Make sure your marketing dollars are well-spent with complimentary imagery, text that makes sense to both clients and search engine spiders, and track your progress with proper analytics.

Web Content Development and Management Services

Content Development and Management Services

  • Content strategy
  • Content structure
  • Web page content
  • Blog content
  • Social media content
  • Informational content
  • Descriptive content
  • Repurposing content
Web Content Development Services

Creating designs that invoke interest and hold customer attention. We offer attractive, considerate, relevant, and functional branding options for your business. Build brand awareness with custom graphics, images, illustrations, logos, business cards, stationery, letterhead, labels, signage, badges, vehicle wraps, and tie in all aspects of your marketing with a fluid graphic campaign that builds brand recognition. Use your graphics across all platforms including your digital media, print media, promotional material, and more. Your graphic design should offer creative flair to your business model and marketing strategy.

Graphic and Print Design Services

Graphic Design

Let us echo your brand message to your consumers through compelling imagery. Used with high quality graphics, icon design, and readable messages will help you soar above your competition.

Logo Design

Just about everything stems from having a logo. Having a logo defines your brand and your business. What does your logo say about you? It should say everything. Let us walk you through the process to get you the exact image you need that will be usable online, in print, and via social media.

Print Design

Bring your imagery to life with print. But not just any print design - high resolution and high quality print design that will not produce a grainy, blurry, or pixelated effect once on paper. We specialize in vector images for large projects.

Social Media Marketing

Expand your reach and get social! Consumers are crawling all over social media and it is prime competing ground to help you gain more clientelle. Provide a professional vibe with graphics custom fit for each social platform with Facebook Cover Photos, Profile Images, User Badges, Twitter Handles, Google Images, Instagram Gold and Pinterest-worthy. If you have cheap, poorly constructed graphics, you may find yourself falling flat.

Listen, Engage and Build Relationships

The power is in the people. Create insightful, intelligent, and interesting media for users to fall in love with your brand.

Here is where doubling up your content will increase your reach exponentially with social media platforms - create good content and marketing will follow with using that content - launching it into a campaign that will funnel customers directly back to your website.

Connect With Customers Via Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms Worth Investing In

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
Connecting With Customers Via Social Media Marketing

Photography is more than a medium, it is creative art. We are your image editing experts, we not only offer photography sessions, but we offer retouching existing images, beauty touch-up, image inhancements, image corrections, and Photoshop editing.


Product Photography

Have products you would love to showcase? Let us take pictures in our photo studio.

Product Photography Services


Services Photography

Give a clear message of your hard work with professional photography of the services you offer.

Photography Services


Event Photography

The thing about events - is they only occur once. Whether it is a wedding, golden anniversary, family reunion, office celebration, business or community event - we have got you covered so you don't miss a moment.

Event Photography Services


Drone Photography

Catch everything with a bird's eye view of the activities! Great for large gatherings, parties, community, and government/municipal events.

Event Photography Services

Marketing Planner

So you're ready to rock and roll with your marketing campaign - perfect! Click here to download Targeting Pro Technology's comprehensive Marketing Planner to help you on your way. It's free, and it's yours.

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Business Planner

Your Marketing & IT are both parts of your business plan. Do you know what direction you're heading in? Click here to download Targeting Pro Technology's free Business Planner to help get you organized.

Business Planner Download

IT Planner

Do you have a technology plan that integrates with your business plan? Technology doesn't have to be intimidating and with our on-call as-needed IT Support Services, you no longer need to have a fulltime IT employee on staff. Power to the people, it's free.

IT Planner Download

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