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Featuring your products online is nearly essential to retailers, those that sell handmade crafts, and especially for any business online with online inventory and shopping. Highlight your products in their best light with professional photography that adds interest, captures all of the product features and help convey the value of what you are offering. Here Targeting Pro Technologies did a photo shoot for The Barber Shop's handmade wooden box for online sales.


Photography - Event / Civic / Municipality

Photography Events Photographer Civic Photos Municipality

Targeting Pro Technologies took these photos during the Red, White, and Boom Fourth of July Celebration in Crescent City, Florida. We had several excellent shots in this series showing the full bursts of the fireworks - tricky to get a balance of the avid darkness and sudden bursts of light.


Photography - Wedding Photographer

Photography Events Photographer Wedding Photos Reception

Targeting Pro Technologies could not have been happier to handle the photography for this beautiful wedding. The bridge had a special request for a horse-drawn carriage, and we ensured to highlight those details in her photography package. There were over two hundred photos in this series, including all of the family photographs, the venue, and the reception.


Photography - Wedding Photo Enhancements

Harry Potter Wedding Photoshop Photography Photo Enhancements

Targeting Pro Technologies was very pleased to do the photography at Jason and Lauren Olsen's wedding. We had a very special request by the couple, who are avid Harry Potter fans to do a Harry Potter themed photo enhancement. With the use of sparklers in the original photo, we added a bit of spark to their special day to make it truly magical.


Photography - Products / Goods / Services

Municipal Photography/Graphic Design - Historic Walking Tour

Photography Professional Historic Walking Tour Crescent City Municipality Florida

What a proud project for Targeting Pro Technologies - to conceptualize and design the Crescent City Historic Walking Tour Map, our home town. Targeting Pro worked closely with Crescent City's City Manager on the design and layout as well as all of the photography work on this piece. This project was an honor and a priviledge to work on for the City of Crescent City, Florida! Click on the image to see a larger, more detailed version of this project.


Photography - Real Estate / Realtor

Photography Drone Photos Aerial Photographer Real Estate

Targeting Pro Technologies has over 17 years of knowledge in the real estate industry, and in this time we have done photography for many agents across several states. This photo shoot was to assist the seller of this beautiful lake lodge home of the sparkling evening waters of Crescent Lake. This home is an icon of the community and was a pleasure to photograph! PS: The home sold shortly after publishing these photos to the listing!


Photography - Municipality / Community

Drone Photography Aerial Photographer Photos Services

Targeting Pro Technologies loves everything local - including our hometown of Crescent City, Florida. In this drone photography is the community's famous historic Hubbard House with Crescent Lake peeking over the trees in the background. This home has amazing architecture and details, it was a beauty from every angle.


Photography - Products / Featured Goods

Photography Product Photographer Goods Photos Products

Targeting Pro Technologies absolutely loves marketing products - and our photography is a true testament to that. If you are looking for high quality professional photographs to showcase your goods and services, we can deliver! Here we are featuring Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.


Photography - Products / Featured Goods

Photography Products Photographer Goods Photos Product

Targeting Pro Technologies analyzes your products and the look/feel you wish to convey. With a taste for appropriate composition, placement, background elements, color, and lighting, we will showcase your products. Here we have a down home for the holidays warmth for Dickel's Tennessee Whiskey.


Photography - Enhancements / Corrections / Touch-ups / Retouch

Photoshop - Vintage Photo Restoration and Reconstruction

Photo Repair Restoration Fix Photography Vintage

We were presented with this severely damaged photograph from one of our clients. This image was in very poor condition, which included deterioration, creases, folds, bends, showing the discoloration of age, and details of the faces were missing and had become stippled over time. Targeting Pro Technologies was able to not fix the image portions that were salvagable, but to also reconstruct the lost portions of the vintage photo. Our client only had to allow us to do a high-quality scan and the image was immediately returned, so no worry of losing such a precious piece of family history. You do not have to worry about mailing them, either, simply scan them in high quality or even have a print store scan them for you and then email them to us - no losing your precious original.


Photography - Vintage Photo Restoration and Colorization

Vintage Photo Restoration Photography Colorize Repair

Targeting Pro Technologies was approached by a son who wanted to transform this vintage image of his 86-year-old mother in her early 20's riding a horse into a colorized version for her birthday. We worked on several renditions to get the colorization right. This is now proudly displayed in his mother's living room.


Photography - Vintage Photo Restoration and Colorization

Photo Repair Restoration Fix Photography Vintage

Targeting Pro Technologies was presented with this photograph, that received water damage, had creases, folds, bends, and discoloration. We not only repaired the main image of the photo - removing the damage and missing pieces, but included a decorative vintage-style watermark in the background. Better than new and no threat of damaging or losing your precious original photo (simply scan them and email them to us). Breathe new life into your photos!


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