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The Fine Print!

The following conditions are the standard terms of engagement and marketing agreement of Targeting Pro Marketing. Except where agreed in writing, these terms apply to all Services undertaken by Targeting Pro Marketing and its agents. These terms prevail where inconsistency exists between these terms and any other documentation.

1.0 Validation: Quotation is valid for 20 days from the date on Marketing Proposal.

2.0 Payment terms: An initial invoice will be sent prior to the commencement of Service. Material costs are to be paid 100% in advance of the Service commencement. 50% of the Service costs are to be paid in advance, with the remaining 50% paid within 7 days of final invoice, unless agreed otherwise in writing prior to commencement of Service. Any additional work shall not be accepted until all previous invoices are paid in full.

3.0 Cancellation: Termination or suspension of this contract must be done in writing within reasonable time. Targeting Pro Marketing reserves the right to recover any losses, damages or expenses incurred prior to termination or as a result of termination. A 10% processing fee for amount provided in the Marketing Proposal may be incurred if made less than ten days of expected commencement of Service. If Service must be suspended, rather than cancelled, the 10% processing fee will be waived if a hold deposit has already been paid, this will also lock in the Marketing Proposal rate for up to 60 days. If cancellation occurs after suspension, a refund will be issued within 30 days minus the 10% processing fee for the entire transaction amount from the Marketing Proposal.

4.0 Intellectual Property: All documentation including proposals, strategy, reports, scopes, images, web pages, electronic copies and information in connection with or arising from the Service is the property of Targeting Pro Marketing, until such time as all invoices have been paid in full. Targeting Pro Marketing places copyright on all documentation. All Services provided by Targeting Pro Marketing are done in the strictest of confidence. After final payment is made, the client will have all intellection rights to materials created/provided by Targeting Pro Marketing.

5.0 Breach of contract: If the client breaches the contract in any form, Targeting Pro Marketing shall be entitled to retain any information and documentation. In the occurrence of any breach of contract, cancellation or non-payment, all documentation must be returned within 7 days and no future use of any information or documentation provided by Targeting Pro Marketing will be permitted until all payments are made in full.

6.0 Commencement & Completion Date: Targeting Pro Marketing will only commence Service once satisfied that they are in receipt of all required information and documentation from the client, and the clients’ agents if applicable, inclusive of a signed letter of acceptance of the Marketing Proposal and work agreement. The client indemnifies Targeting Pro Marketing from any damages as a result from delays in Service due to information not being provided in a timely manner by the client. The client indemnifies Targeting Pro Marketing from any damages as a result of its agents.

7.0 Additional Work: If Targeting Pro Marketing is required to complete additional work above and beyond quoted amount in relation to original scope, the client must provide in writing within reasonable time, confirmation of a variation order. Work will not commence until agreement of price for relevant additional work has been made. Targeting Pro Marketing reserves the right to deny any additional work. Any additional work shall be accepted until all previous invoices are paid in full.

8.0 Clients obligation to provide information: The client or its agent must provide Targeting Pro Marketing with all required information for the provision of the Services. Inclusive of all documentation, relevant briefs, artwork, electronic resources, written acceptance of Marketing Proposal and consultancy agreement, any background information and any information that will impact on the Service. Targeting Pro Marketing does not accept any liability in connection with information provided by the client the client’s agent and it is taken to be accurate, correct and true with full rights to use in the client’s marketing campaign.

9.0 Publication: Targeting Pro Marketing reserves the right to publish articles, photographs and other illustration relating to this Service. Targeting Pro Marketing will keep all personal information confidential unless required to be provided by law. Targeting Pro Marketing reserves the right to not publish copied content on behalf of the client due to copyright laws. Any information provided by the client that is posted on the client’s behalf will be taken as accurate, correct and true with full rights to use in the client’s marketing campaign.

10.0 Work limits: Targeting Pro Marketing is responsible to complete work written in the Marketing Proposal only. The engagement of Service is also subjected to any exclusion or conditions written within the Marketing Proposal document. Please refer to the above section pertaining to additional work for more detailed information.

Questions? Please ask all questions in advance of signing our Marketing Proposals or any other agreement -- we fully believe a positive working relationship is based on proper communication and understanding of all terms.

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