Telecommunications Support Services

Telecommunications - Telephones, Phone Lines, Fax Machines, Fax Lines, CAT5, Modems, WIFI

  • Telephones - Proper phone equipment, phone lines, and phone jack installation
  • Faxes - Fax machines, dedicated fax lines, and jack installation
  • CAT5 - Internet cabling, running new lines, altering network layouts, and jack installation
  • WIFI - CAT5 cable installation, jack installation, Wifi access points


Targeting Pro Tech IT Support division and field support techs are certified professionals in IT equipment installation, running new cable/telephone lines, mounting/installing boxes, modems, switches, routers and getting those systems up and working properly. No matter how long you have been in the business, one thing is always constant: things change. Sometimes your old, existing telecom lines are no longer where you need them to be, or you would like to upgrade your existing system to a new one. We can assist with new construction installation, existing installation for new businesses/stores, equipment purchasing decisions, or we can assist in mapping out and modifying existing telecommunications setups.

Once you have all of the proper equipment, it can be a daunting task when it comes time to tie all of your telecommunications together. Targeting Pro will send out a certified tech to your business location to setup, install, and secure your equipment. We can assist in setting up your WIFI distribution points and tying in all of your devices to get you up and running - and most importantly, connecting your business, your team, and your customers.

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